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Ethical Hacking

Definition of Ethical Hacking

The Ethical Hacking or Ethical Hacking , is a method used by some companies to test the security services available to them .


The word Ethical Hacking comes from the words ” ethical ” and ” hacking ” implying that a frowned upon practice such as “Hack” can have morally correct uses.

Ethical Hacking could rather be called a “contracted hack”. This is because the same company hires one or more experts who will try to penetrate the company’s security system.

The hired hackers will do everything possible to enter the company’s databases, even trying to control the software and steal all essential and highly valuable information.

Once the Ethical Hacking has been carried out, the company will be clear about the most vulnerable points of the system and will seek the most effective way to cover them. For these reasons, Ethical Hacking has become a necessary technique for cybersecurity organizations.


Show bad settings in programs

Identify updates that the system may need

It greatly reduces the time needed to find a security flaw using traditional methods

Deliver fast and effective results