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Definition of Himen

Himen is an anatomical structure, it is present only in women, it has a membranous appearance and it can be different for each female. Stay at so that you know more about everything that himen means.

The himen is a membrane located on the surface opening of the vagina, which is usually present at birth in most women. It should be noted that the himen is not the same in all women, each woman can have a specific hymen.

Types of himen

Normal or typical himen: it is one that is located in the center and midline, of these 3 types can be highlighted:

  • Annular: This himen has a central hole more or less the same width as the surrounding membrane.
  • Crescent: The hole in this type is superior, and the membrane below it looks like a crescent.
  • Labial: in this the hole is elongated and the membrane on the sides looks like lips.

Atypical himen : it is a type of himen different from those mentioned above, in these the most frequent are:

  • Biperforated / septate: this himen is divided by a partition that can be horizontal or vertical, which divides the hole in two.
  • Imperforate: the membrane does not show any opening.
  • Coroliform: in this there are extensions with the appearance of flower petals.
  • Plugged horseshoe
  • Hypertrophy: in this case the membrane is larger than normal.
  • Trifoliate: it is characterized by having 3 folds.
  • Multifoliate: multi-fold.

Flexible Himen: Also known as dilatable Himen, it has the flexibility as a characteristic, allowing the himen to return to its original state after being dilated.

Fun facts

The Himen is made up of a fibroelastic skeleton, highly vascularized and innervated, which is why the first sexual relationship can witness bleeding and pain.