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Dime a ver

Definition of Dime a ver

In the Dominican Republic the expression “Dime a ver” is often used to know how a person did, as if asking for an explanation of how it went or what happened.

It is also used to refer to something like “What’s up, what’s up, what’s going on, what’s up? Or it can be used as a form of greeting and even a question about a doubt.


Explain to me

What’s up?

What’s up?

What are you up to?

ORIGIN OF Dime a ver

This is an expression or idiom that represents an idea that is a bit difficult to express in any other way and, due to its usual nature, it is quite useful, because it allows us to express an idea with different words.

It is unequivocal that the Spanish language, used by the Latins in their colloquial jargon and each one in their own way to communicate, is not only a unique mixture of these idioms as is the case of “dime a ver”, it also has anglicisms, neologisms and other diverse “isms”.

All these idioms often have meanings that are not clear to those who do not know them. The origin can be found in cases so old that it is necessary to look into the linguistic roots to interpret them, since most of them date back to very distant times, although others have only appeared in the last decades.


“Dime a ver baby dime a ve”, so says a part of the reggetón released in 2020 by Jhay Cortez and in fact the song is called “Dime a ve”. But this is nothing new, in fact in 2019 Cosculluela also released his song “Dime a ver” and in 2021 the singers of the same genre, Ñejo and Pujo, presented to the world their own “Dime a ver”.