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Dame dato

Definition of Dame dato

Dame dato is a colloquial expression that refers to when a person wants to know something and requests information. For example: “tell me then, give me data”, “where are you, give me data”.


  1. Tell me
  2. Explain to me
  3. Tell me
  4. Tell me

ORIGIN OF Dame dato

Sometimes we do not stop to think about the surprising origin of the expressions we use and which we often use. In this case the origin of this expression “dame dato” is unknown, because it is simply an idiom or what is the same a fixed expression, one of those terms that in several cases have been generated by generalization and custom based on certain specific uses.

These have a meaning that often is not very clear for those who do not know it, and whose origin is in many cases so remote that you have to find out in depth in historical sources to decipher it, several of these idioms go back to ancient times, but others have just appeared in recent decades.

Thus “dame dato” is an expression representative of an idea that is somewhat difficult to say in any other way. It is also highly economical, since it allows us to express an idea briefly with other words.

Evidently the Spanish language, which is the one used by Spanish Americans, although each one in his own way to communicate, is not only composed of these idioms, but also has anglicisms, neologisms and other various “isms” that have culminated in a configuration of a large group of expressions.


In computing, a data refers to a number, a letter or a word that is supplied to the computer as input and this stores it in a certain format, so there may be a relationship with the idiom dame dato.