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Definition of Correrse

Action of making a small or short movement from the place where someone is. For example: Can Mr. Pedro correrse a little so that his partner can sit down?

In a colloquial way it is used ironically to show the generosity of someone or something and that it is not a habitual behavior in him.


It is the action of being unfaithful with your romantic partner, that is, not keeping the legal or verbal vows that sustain a stable relationship. An example would be: Marcos always tends to correrse, I hope you don’t think he wants only you.


  1. A foul word that is used as a synonym for orgasm. Mainly, it referred to the masculine, however, it is used interchangeably for the two sexes.


  1. Travel
  2. Move


  1. Infidelity
  2. Cheated


  1. Orgasm
  2. Climax
  3. Come over


The word “correrse” comes from the Latin root currere that denotes the idea of ​​”moving quickly”. Other words that come from the same root are mail, discourse and appeal that maintain the same idea directly or indirectly.


In the sense of being used to designate the ecstasy or climax of a sexual relationship, it does not have a specific specific origin. However, in this country the use is quite widespread and has become part of the general vocabulary. Due to its wide use, this expression has reached other Spanish-speaking regions.


With the philosophy of life of the XXI century, the terms that refer to sexuality are more common or are not part of the taboo of earlier times. For this reason, video platforms are full of recommendations and advice on sexual intercourse. Like everything, many of these videos can be useful, while others only seek an audience.