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Definition of Deflactar

The word deflate has multiple meanings depending on the context it is in. Among them we can highlight:

  • If something that has air or gas inside it deflates, or deflates, it becomes smaller because it loses air or gas.
  • Cause something to weaken.
  • When an economy deflates or is deflated, prices fall and there is a reduction in wages and government spending. Therefore, there are low levels of economic growth in the country or region.


  1. Deflate
  2. Deflate
  3. Weaken
  4. Decrease


In economics, deflation is a decline in the general price level of goods and services. Deflation occurs when the inflation rate falls below 0%, i.e., a negative inflation rate. Inflation reduces the value of the currency over time, but a sudden deflation increases it.

This allows more goods and services to be purchased than before with the same amount of currency. Deflation is different from disinflation, which is a slowdown in the rate of inflation. That is, when inflation falls to a lower rate, but remains positive.

Now, if we go to the area of computer programming, we refer to deflating with which is the comparison of a reference period with a base period. This can be expressed as an index or as a percentage change. A value adjusted by using a deflator is referred to as deflated.

Examples of deflating

  • The fear is that economies fueled by aid dollars may deflate after the departure of international agencies.
  • When the roads are icy, you may have to deflate the tires a bit.
  • The candidate’s ambitions have deflated with the two recent by-election defeats.