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Definition of Leah

Leah (Lea or Lía) is a very common feminine given name in countries like Ireland or Germany. According to its Hebrew origin, this name translates to “tired.”

There is no clear origin on the origin of this word, but it is said that it comes from the Romanized Hebrew ” la’ah” which translates to “tired.” It can also be an analogy from ancient Mesopotamia that is pronounced “littu”, meaning “wild cow

“Read” in the Bible

In biblical terms, Leah, or Leah, was Jacob’s first wife , but not voluntarily. The story goes that when Jacob’s brother (Esau) tried to kill him, his mother told him to go and live where his uncle Laban.

On his uncle’s land, Jacob makes a pact with him to work for seven years in exchange for his beautiful daughter Rachel, a deal that Laban accepts.

However, in the darkness of the night, Laban does not take Rachel to Jacob’s room, but his other daughter Leah, with whom he ends up sleeping and taking her as his wife.

The scriptures say that Jacob had to work 7 additional years to be able to stay with Rachel as well.   

People with the name Leah

People with the name Leah or Lea tend to be very intelligent and have great personalities. They are people with a good sense of humor and they use sarcasm a lot.

In addition, they look sympathetic, charming and charismatic. She has a type of personality that avoids disturbing other people, characterizing herself as a woman of respect.

Some famous women with this name are:

  • Leah McFall – Irish singer-songwriter
  • Leah Remini – Italian-American actress

Leah by 6ix9ine

Like Leah , she is also known from one of the songs from the album ” Tattle Tales ” by the American singer with Mexican roots ” Tekashi 6ix9ine “. The tune is number 10 from 6ix9ine’s new 2020 album which was released in September.

In the song Leah , the protagonist of the colorful and attractive video clip “ Tutu ” that is also part of the album, addresses a girl named leah and invites her to take off her clothes and ingest drugs in order to initiate a sexual act.