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Definition of Cranky

If you heard somewhere the word Cranky may have ignited your “spark” of curiosity. The term has been noticed on youtuber, influencer, singers, etc. Do you have any idea of its meaning? Read and know!

Cranky is an English word that means “badly humored”, angry or “irritable”. However, it can also be used to directly identify a person’s anger or discomfort with something.

Cranky Expressions

  • You got up all of Cranky.” He’s up in a bad mood.
  • The boy is Cranky.” You mean the kid’s throwing tantrums, he’s brave or screwed up.
  • You were more affectionate on your good days, now you live Cranky.” In the past he was kind and attentive, now everything irritates him and nothing bears.
  • She put on Cranky.” She’s angry, moody, upset.

Thisexpression has also been consistently present in the urban genre, especially reggaeton, where it is often used to refer to someone being irritated if they are not given what they want or are not pleased.

Fun fact

It should be noted that this term may be confused with Cangry, given its combination of letters and phonology. However, its meaning has no similarity, we show you.

Cangry: Refers to leader, grouper, boss or direct.

The end

The universe of words has been, is, and will continue to be present in everyday life and daily life. Its constant evolution leads us to have to reinvent ourselves day by day to live up to that growth.

In The Library of Wan Shi Tong you have a tool to continue navigating in that immense ocean that make up our language.

Smile! don’t be Cranky