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Definition of Cosplay

Cosplay refers to a form of dress or costume referencing a favorite character.


  1. Costume
  2. Fashion
  3. Style


This manifestation of cosplay has its origin in the seventies in Japan and emerged as a fashion within the manga culture of that nation, which over time spread to different countries around the world.

Although the appearance of this style is very recent, it has become one of the main attractions of events and video game fairs.

Specifically, this style appeared at the Manga Comic Market Fair held in Tokyo, in the city of Odaiba, where entire groups of participants began to dress up as their favorite characters from anime, manga, and comic series.

What at the beginning started as something casual, ended up being one of the international phenomena in the world of fashion and became a very important current reference in pop culture.

The main character of a cosplay is based on the handmade confection of the costume that the participant is going to wear. In the events, contests and conventions in which the participants are presented, they do not only look at the design, but also at the skill that has been used to create a unique model.


There are multiple differences and classes or types of cosplay and they vary from manga or comic book characters to fantastic animals.

In all events and conventions it is possible to find different kinds of cosplayer, depending on their category and experience, and there is also a ranking of the best, in which each particular aspect of the cosplayer is valued.