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Definition of BFF

This is the acronym for the phrase in English best friend forever that translates as “best friends forever“. It is used mainly by women and on social media.

This acronym can be interpreted as a promise of eternal friendship and fidelity in good times and bad.


The acronym BFF represents the words bets friend foreverin both singular and plural. In this context, it can be translated as “best friend forever” or “best friends forever”. This abbreviation is widely used to tag photos and for various publications on social networks.

Normally, BFF represents a friendship that takes a long time, however, the use is not exclusive to these types of friendships. It simply shows the desire to have that person forever and also the commitment to support him through thick and thin.


Fairies BFF is a film program and a series of dolls that represent fairies with colored hair. Literally, the show identifies itself as Bright Fairy Friends, that is, “bright fairy friends”.

BFF Girls is a Brazilian group that was formed from the participation of its members in the program The Voice Kids. In May 2019 they released their first EP called Nossa Vibe with the Sony Music label.