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Definition of Shippear

Anglicism that refers to the desire for the loving union of two people , whether real or fictitious due to subjective interests of the viewer, reader or follower.

By extension it refers to the action of creating possible love partners within series, novels and books. It is an imaginary act that is expressed through images, illustrations or posts about how “good it would look” two beings together.


Shippear is a Spanish versioned word that is spelled shipping in English, a derivative of the term relationship which means “relacion”. What is sought is to shorten the word and in technical terms ship is short for relationship.

Establishing when was the origin of the word shippear has not been possible. However, by the 70s we were already “shippeando” and it was the millennials who popularized this new way of making the matchmaker, both in social networks and young romance novels.


The employers of the term are called and creators of the utopian couples are called shippersAs long as the entertainment market continues to produce material, fans will continue to ship and fantasize about what they like or like.

The term shippear has gained greater popularity thanks to the social network Twitter where ingenious fans “in their eyes” create potential love partners.