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Definition of Throwback

Throwback, a word that has become popular thanks to its use in social networks, which is used to post memories. Stay at so you know everything about this word.

This is a verb, but it can also act as a noun. In the first instance, Throwback in English can be defined as a person, animal or plant that has the characteristics of a more primitive ancestor.

Synonyms of Throwback:

  • Give back
  • Throw back
  • Hurry
  • To return

Important to know …

In recent years the acronym #tbt or THROWBACK THURSDAY has become a culture of social networks , it mean again Thursday or going back to Thursday.

The origin of this term is attributed to a sports shoe blog that uploaded photos of old basketball shoes every Thursday.

In this blog the images were uploaded with the title of throwback Thursday.

And due to the nature of the origin of this word, it has remained in the use of networks to use this word, mostly abbreviated to post past images.

This term is frequently used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit or youtube.