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Fruta sin a

Definition of Fruta sin a

This phrase is a very popular puzzle in social networks that seeks to confuse the interlocutor. Normally, the answer obtained is “coco”, “limon” or similar fruits, however, the real answer is “frut”.

Literally the phrase “fruta sin a” designates all those fruits that do not contain the letter a in their name. Among them are kiwi, melocoton, melon, among others.


Fruta sin a, a very popular puzzle on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This has a seemingly simple answer, but in reality it seeks to make the interlocutors think in a different way than usual.

The literal answers are accepted as valid, but beyond a quick answer, many users have wanted their followers to think beyond the obvious and that is why this riddle has become a headache for many.

Fruta sin a on the other side of the coin, is a word game that helps assess the ability of readers to follow guidelines and at the same time the level of interpreting and understanding words.


A word game is a cognitive tool that requires sharp thinking, which helps to keep the mind more active.

A riddle is a phrase or a set of verses that serve to describe something in an indirect way so that someone will guess.