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Definition of 0748

Numerical sequence that gives the amount of seven hundred and forty-eight. Also, this 4-number code can be applicable to different contexts.


Due to the homophony of the numbers 0748 in Chinese, they are related to the phrase “go to die”. In other words, it may constitute a suicide threat or announcement.


  1. Desire of death
  2. Go die
  3. Suicide
  4. Threat


0748 and other numerical codes loaded with meaning have been originated in China by the homophony of the language. In this case, the numbers have a lot to do with the phrase “go to die”. Therefore, it is a hidden message that can represent a death wish announcement or a threat.

The message hidden in 0748 can be found expressed in the different social networks. The idea with these codes is that people can transmit messages more effectively in China and different parts of the world.


In the 0748 sequence, the number that has the main meaning is 4, which is equivalent in Chinese to the word death.

Codes of this type are part of a system called pinyin that seeks to give children in China a more universal language.

P0748 is a very common automobile fault code that has to do with pressure in the transmission. This failure increases fuel use and overheats the car.

0748 is a postal code that corresponds to the cities of South Africa, Tibane and others.

In the UK 0748 is a fake phone number that is used for pranks and even scams.