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Definition of Chiviado

Chiviado is a popular term that refers to the action of being embarrassed, ashamed or intimidated of something.
In other countries it can mean that something is fake or counterfeit, or that it is “pirated”.









Slightly annoyed


ORIGIN OF Chiviado

The term “chivear” has different meanings according to the country or context in which it is used. Generally in Spain, Guatemala and Mexico, chivear means to feel ashamed or embarrassed of something.

In Venezuela it means to deceive someone by cheating and in the neighboring country of Colombia, it means that it is falsified or copied, that it is not original, that it is contraband or that a journalist who aspired to give a news or a scoop, was overwhelmed by someone else who took the lead.

In countries like Nicaragua it means to run away out of fear, while in Argentina and Uruguay it means to play around or to amuse oneself, however this is not all, chivear has even more meanings even in the same country.

For example in Guatemala, Honduras and Spain it can also mean playing dice or cards and betting money, as well as in the Dominican Republic the term is used to refer to flirting with a woman. It also denotes some deceit or roguish game played on a lady in Venezuela.

So, it does not have a concrete meaning when explaining its meaning and everything will depend on the context in which you say it, or the geographical place where you are.


In some contexts it is even said that someone is chiviado, implying that he/she has a spell, or was bewitched.

On the other hand, in Costa Rica and Honduras it means that someone gets angry.