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Definition of Tripaloski

Three lines or three lines. In Russian, it refers to any context in which three stripes or lines can be seen.

Russian reference to the Adidas brand for the three stripes that identify this company worldwide.


The word “tripaloski” is how the Russian word Три полоски is pronounced, and the correct way to spell it is “Tri poloski”. The translation of Три полоски to Spanish is literally “three stripes”.

In the Spanish language this word began to have a boom thanks to the Russian song that is usually transliterated as tripaloski. This musical theme is part of electronics and has had great popularity around the world. In addition to this, several YouTube accounts decided to make their own mixes with the theme, significantly increasing its popularity.


In the original tripaloski video you can see that the people who appear there are wearing some Adidas brand products.

If the lyrics of the song are translated into Spanish, it can be seen that almost all of its content says “three lines”. In addition, they also make direct mention of the Adidas brand.