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Blu Jerusalema

Definition of Blu Jerusalema

  1. Literally, it is a deformation of the nouns blue and Jerusalem. It actually means “Jerusalem Blue” by translating the word blu from English.
  2. Little used proper name that is taken as a mystic and that brings Jewish and Christian religious influences. the reference is to the “sea of ​​Jerusalem”.


Blu Jerusalema has been popularized because it is the name given to the daughter of Gian Lucca Viachi and Sharon Fonseca. The same character has confessed that the name is to refer to the sea of ​​Jerusalem. From this perspective, the name seeks to convey the peace and tranquility that comes from Jerusalem.

Etymologically Jerusalem has Sumerian origins, in which the root uru means “city” and “shalim”, it was a deity associated with evening, sunset, sunset, peace and the end of the day’s work. The Hebrew form of the term reinforces its Sumerian origins because it is related to the root yeru (house) and shalom (peace). In short, “house of peace”.


  1. South African artists “Master KG” and “Nomcebo” are the authors of one of the hits of the summer in 2020. The song Jerusalema was very well received on platforms such as YouTube.
  2. Blu Jerusalema was born in October 2020 and was found to have a cleft palate. For this reason, she had to undergo surgery at a few months of age.