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Definition of Cansón

In Colombia and Venezuela it means an annoying, annoying and unbearable person. It can also denote someone who tires easily.

However, in Cuba it represents someone boring, tedious; in Ecuador it is an adjective that denotes someone unstable, inconstant and lacking in perseverance. In Mexico it is someone tiresome.


  1. Fastidious
  2. Unbearable
  3. Boring
  4. Tedious
  5. Unstable
  6. Inconstant
  7. Lack of perseverance


Basically, it comes from the verb cansar and the suffix “on” is added. Its origin is uncertain, but logic leads us to think that the suffix was added to nounify or turn the verb cansar into an adjective.

That is why in some countries, as in Venezuela, it means a person who gets tired easily and from there to move to the meaning of someone who is difficult to deal with, annoying and unbearable.

In each place it acquires varied meanings such as in Cuba it denotes someone who is boring, tedious, as well as in other places someone who is tiresome. The truth is that in most places its meaning represents something negative both for the object or subject to which it refers and for those around him.


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