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Definition of KitKat

KitKat is the name of a popular milk chocolate covered cookie first made in 1935. Its manufacture originated in the United Kingdom by the company Rowntree Limited .

However, in 1988, Rowntree was bought by the renowned Nestlé company , which until now has been responsible for marketing the product worldwide.

“KitKat” a lucky charm in Japan

This delicacy in Asian territory is much more than a sandwich. It first arrived in 1973 and since then, more than 300 editions have passed through the nation.

The kitKat is used as a lucky charm in Japan for the message extracted from its peculiar name.

“ Kitto katsu ” is the Japanese way of pronouncing the name of chocolate, which translates into the emotional message of: “you are sure to win, you will succeed”.

The famous chocolate cookie is widely used by Japanese students when they are preparing to take an exam, hoping to find the success that the KitKat inspires .

Japan has been one of the countries that has created the most versions and flavors in this candy. Coming to offer flavors such as: dark chocolate with raspberry fusion, melon with mascarpone cheese, toasted soybeans, green tea with sakura, grilled potatoes, among others.

KitKat and the IPhone 11 mobile giveaway

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the Nestlé company in Spain took the initiative to bypass 28 IPhone 11 devices .

This sales strategy encouraged Spanish consumers to buy the sweets that, through the packaging code, allowed them to join the participation.

The drawings were held from April 20 to July 26, 2020 .

Commercial strategy

In 2013, Kit Kat agreed with Google for the execution of mutual advertising projection. This is how the Nestlé brand proposed to the North American giant that one of its operating systems ( Android version 4.4 ) have the name ” KitKat . ” In exchange, the candy maker promised to make announcements of this version and implement giveaways with Google Play products.

  • In 2018 KitKat released a music video by Sukhman Heer , becoming an additional tool to boost the brand.