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Definition of Camila

Camila means “she who places herself in front of God” or “she who offers offerings”.


  1. She who places herself in front of God
  2. The one who offers sacrifices or offerings
  3. The one who keeps the fire


Also known as Camilett, it is a feminine gender name coming from the masculine “Camilo”, originating from Latin and Arabic.

Some say that this name comes from St. Camillus de Lelis, founder of a congregation for the care of the sick and patron saint of nurses. However, it is more likely that it comes from the Latin “camillus” which means minister, in charge of the altars.

In Etruscan-Roman mythology, the name Camillus was given to the messenger of the gods, a character who could be either a young layman or a priest who officiated at sacrifices and religious rites. It was St. Camillus de Lelis who founded the Camillians, a hospital order that cared for the sick.

It is said that St. Camillus of Lelis wasted his youth and his possessions in frivolity and found faith thanks to an incurable ulcer on his leg. As a nurse in Rome and overwhelmed by the misery and neglect of hospitals, he decided to found the order of the Camillians, a kind of ancestor of the Red Cross.


It is believed that the first woman to bear the name Camilla was the virgin huntress of whom Virgil speaks in the Aeneid, the queen of Volsci who helped Aeneas against Turnus.

In Rome, this name was given to young men born free and with living parents, who made the novitiate to be admitted by St. Camillus of Lelis.