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Definition of Gemmoloog

You probably already saw or heard the word Gemmoloog, but do not know what you mean, right? … The word Gemmoloog this in Dutch or “flamenco”, language spoken in the Netherlands, but do not worry because you will tell the meaning of Gemmoloog.

The translation of Gemmoloog into English is Gemology, and this is an ancient branch of mineralogy and geology; that is dedicated to the study, identification, evaluation and analysis of gems or precious stones. One of the most important tasks that gemology has is to identify through various processes the imitation of gems and their synthetic versions.

Gemology is an independent science but at the same time it is closely related to mining since they study different properties, composition, structure, treatments, synthesis and mineral deposits.

According to a saying, to know the precious stones they had to be cast on the fire (thrown into the fire) and if they burned and did not melt, they were natural, on the other hand if they melted and lost their shape they were signs of being artificial.

You know what Gemmoloog means.