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Definition of Caile

It is a neologism derived from the verb caer. In the urban slang of Puerto Rican reggaeton singers, it is used to tell someone to come or go to where the person using the term is located. It is like saying “Caile aqui” or “Cae aqui” or “Llega aqui”.

The term can also refer to a fresh, brazen, bad woman or maid.


  1. Come, come to me.
  2. Come to here or fall here.
  3. Jump, dare.
  4. Cheeky, fresh woman or maid.


It derives from the verb caer, used in an informal way to mean to dare, but is sometimes used to mean salte and even ven.

The word, which became very famous after being introduced in Tito el Bambino’s song “Caile”, means: “come to me” or “Come” simply. The song also says: “pues caile, caile / Que yo quiero una noche mas / Pues caile, caile / Y en la disco te hare ra pam pam pam pam.”


“Caile” is the first single from the most famous album of the urban genre artist Tito “El Bambino” which has been so successful in Latin America, that it has reached the second place in the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks, staying for more than twenty weeks in that same list.

In Romanian caile means “roads”.

In Mexico the term is also often used in a few words to designate the speed with which you can get somewhere, such as: “we’ve been waiting for you for a few hours, ya caile, or aren’t you coming?