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Definition of Cachonda

Cachonda is a word that has different meanings in Spanish depending on the context in which it is used. This polysemy has led to the word being used incorrectly or improperly in some cases.

The following are the different definitions attributed to the word cachonda:

  1. Sexual desire: This is the most common meaning of cachonda. It is used to express sexual desire or arousal.
  2. Being drunk: In some regions, the word cachonda is used to refer to a person who is drunk or intoxicated.
  3. Fun or lively person: In some informal contexts, cachondo is used to refer to a person who is fun or lively.
  4. Someone who is sick: In some regions, the word cachondo is used to refer to a person who is sick.


  1. Excited
  2. Hot
  3. Fiery
  4. Passionate

ORIGIN OF Cachonda

The word cachonda has its origin in vulgar Latin “caco”, which means “to defecate”. Over time, the word evolved and acquired new meanings until it became used as a synonym for “excited”.


  • In some countries, the word cachonda is considered vulgar, and its use may be offensive to some people.
  • The word cachonda is also used in the music industry to refer to a type of Afro-American rhythm characterized by its energy and fast pace.
  • The word cachonda is used in some Latin American countries as a synonym for crazy or insane.