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Definition of Brazuca

This word is used to designate a person from Brazil. It can be used familiarly or with discriminatory intent.

Likewise, it is a term used to refer to Brazilians abroad and also a word of endearment among those born in Brazil.


  1. Brazilian
  2. Brazilian living in another country
  3. Derogatory term for Brazilians


This word has no etymology, since it was created to pay homage to Brazil. It should be noted that in countries such as Argentina and Uruguay it has been used to refer in a derogatory way to Brazilians. On the other hand, this word is also used as a nickname to denote Brazilians outside the country, including soccer players.

Brazilians themselves use it internally to refer affectionately to themselves and to change the derogatory meaning that other countries give it.

It should be noted that the term is used in a context of soccer fans and with the South American rivalry that Brazil represents, then the fans use this word to make fun of the Brazilians.


This is the name given to the official ball of the Brazil 2014 World Cup. It was presented in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on December 4, 2014. It was created by Adidas and presented it with a modern design and with white (70%), black, green, orange and blue colors.

It should be noted that this name was obtained through a fan vote held on September 2, 2012. This ball was criticized for moving too much or for being the cause of many goalkeeper mistakes.