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Definition of Bellaca

In urban music slang Bellaca/o is used to designate a sexy and intelligent woman who gives the sensation that reflects the desire to have a sexual relationship.

It also means bad, naughty or wicked and in some countries refers to something of good quality.


  1. Sexy woman
  2. Sly
  3. Shrewd


Bellaca and bellaquita are terms that are most frequently used in the urban music genre, Dominican and Puerto Rican, and in many occasions you can find erroneous definitions of this term.

Thus, when these words are used in songs they have the meaning of “a sexy woman, and very shrewd or intelligent woman”.

It is quite probable that other meanings can be found, for example: that bellaca means hard head, but really for the Dominican it has a different meaning.

The real meaning that the word bellaca or bellaquita has for the Dominican is used in expressions such as: “this woman is too bellaca” meaning that she is a woman who is too fast or intelligent or brave.

However, the meaning of the word bellaca or bellaquita varies according to the region or country. For example in Puerto Rico it is a vulgar word that refers to a person with many sexual desires.


In the Dominican Republic a bellaco only refers to a person who is naughty, plays dirty games, or is cunning.

It can also refer to a drum, a metal container, usually made of aluminum, which is used in the Dominican Republic to transport and preserve milk.