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Definition of Banda

It is an elongated strip that is clearly distinguished by its color on the surface it is on. For example: The River Plate uniform has a characteristic red banda.

It is said of a strip of paper , cloth, thread or another that is used to hold or tie things, normally they are made of flexible materials. For example: I saw her take her banda, gathered her hair with it and left.

Elongated cloth of paper that is very characteristic as a distinctive representative of something. In other words, it’s the one worn by presidents, beauty queens, and the like. An example would be: The Mexican could not bring the miss universe banda with her.

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It is used in the phrase “dar banda” which is used to make synonymy to the act of “letting go of something“. In this sense, it saves the semantics of letting go or not holding. For example: Juan was given a banda by his girlfriend.

Used in the first person it is an express request similar to “leave me alone”. In this sense: Pedro, gimme banda please.


Musical group that interprets different instruments together , generally it is said of the groups that have wind and string instruments in the main. For example: The banda “Los Pericos” play very well.

Grouping of individuals who associate for criminal purposes , especially when they act in an organized manner. An example would be: In the morning hours, alias “El Chinche” was captured, a member of the banda “Los Insectos” that operates in southern Paraguay.

In a sports field it refers to the extremes or limits that are in the field. For example: In the Colombian team “Cuadrado” plays better on the right banda and not in the center.

When talking about a boat, it is each of the sides that limits it, that is, the port side and the starboard side.

In billiards it is each of the edges of the table , these are characterized by being elastic and providing the right conditions for the game. For example: That three-bandas carom that Marcos did yesterday was incredible.


  1. Stripe
  2. Belt

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  1. Release
  2. Let go


  1. Group
  2. Association


  1. Limit
  2. Extreme


The word banda comes from the French binda which means in Spanish “tape”. From this perspective, it gives semantics to any type of strip that is distinguished from its context or that is used for various uses such as holding, tying, representing or other.

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This significance is believed to come from the use of kites. Thus, when one of these kites was cut from the string that supported it and was left adrift, falling slowly, it was said that this kite “went in a banda”. From there, the meaning applied in this country of “letting go of something” would be born.


A banda in the sense of a “group of people” is a term that comes from the homophone Italian that designated a “group of people or an army that fought for a flag”. This banner was the main reason for their fight and they were willing to give their lives to defend it.


In the world of Dominican urban music, the term give banda enjoys great popularity among the exponents of this genre. An example of this is the song “Dame Banda” by the urban exponent known as “Secret The famous Biberón”.

“Chilanga banda” is a famous song from the Rock group known as “Café Tacvba”. A characteristic of this theme is that it is a tongue twister, that is, it is formed by phrases that are difficult to pronounce with speed.