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Definition of Babylon

You have probably heard the term Babylon on different occasions and it is understandable, since it has several meanings according to each context. Would you like to meet them? Here we tell you more!

Babylon is an English term that is translated into Spanish as “Babylon.” It is the new song by Lady Gaga and considered the end point of “Chromatica“, the sixth and most recent studio album by the American singer. This word mainly refers to the city of Babylon, the ancient capital of Mesopotamia and one of the most important in the history of the BC era. It is currently a province of the Republic of Iraq.

Lady Gaga Babylon

A song charged with a lot of energy and that represents the celebration of dance through music. With a quite characteristic letter that alludes to the city of Babylon but at the same time injects light subliminal messages regarding what surrounds his artistic career.

Its fans assure that it will be one of the most acclaimed songs on the album. Babylon is a hit!


Some Madonna fans accuse Lady Gaga of plagiarism, claiming that both track and lyrics Babylon sounds very much like Vogue.

Take note!

  • Babylon A.D, a science fiction film directed by Mathieu Kassovitz and starring Vin Diesel, was released in 2008. Based on the Babylon Babies novel.
  • The city of Babylon was one of the largest in antiquity. It had an extension of 850 hectares and a large part of these were protected behind the walls.
  • Babylon is also a series of Japanese novels that was adapted to the anime format.
  • In computer science, it is a program for the translation and consultation of information.

Bye bye Lon

A word full of history and with great symbolism, from the beginning of our days to the present day it remains perennial. Hence the importance of having known a little about her and what currently surrounds her.