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Sine From Above

Definition of Sine From Above

It is a phrase from the English language that is literally translated into Spanish as “seno desde arriba“. In this context, it refers to a sound that comes from above.

By extension, this phrase implies a “call from heaven ” or “sign from heaven”. In other words, it is a spiritual concept in which an action or event is adjudicated as part of a Divine purpose.


Sine from above is an English phrase that means “seno desde arriba”. It is the product of a rather ingenious word game in which the word sign or “signal” is replaced by sine, which is “sine”. From the above, sine refers to the mathematical function that expresses the sound. In short, it is “a sign from above”.

This phrase denotes in a spiritual sense “a sign from heaven“, that is, a purpose or mission dictated by God. In other words, it is used to designate that some events in life are part of the Divine purpose for someone’s life.


“Sine from above” is one of Lady Gaga’s songs from her album called “Chromatica” released in 2020. This song featured the collaboration of Elton John and received mixed reviews by critics.

The song “Sine from above” was part of the commercial strategy of the Voce Viva perfume by Valentino Beauty.