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Fun Tonight

Definition of Fun Tonight

Behind each term we will always find a wide space for various connotations. This time, we discuss the word combination “Fun Tonight”, and we are sure, in that you will know something totally new. Find out now!

Fun Tonight is a theme song by renowned American singer Lady Gaga that is part of her sixth studio album called “Chromatica”. Fun Tonight is also known as a composition of English words that when translated into Spanish means “Diversión esta noche”.

Lady Gaga’s Fun Tonight

The song has been available on youTube’s platform since the end of May and already has approximately 1.5 million views with just two weeks since its release, isn’t it?

And it’s no wonder, because this theme is loaded with a very expressive lyric that you might like to know what it’s about. Here we tell you!

What does Fun Tonight mean?

Fun tonight, gives a first impression of being a cheerful and festive theme, composed of a rather dynamic rhythm.

However, his lyrics refer to “saying goodbye and letting go of what you once were/had, it’s no longer so much fun.”

Gaga commented that this song is about those moments when you find yourself very emotionally ill and no matter how much effort you make, nothing can make you feel better. Did you know that?

Her fans claim that the pop star sings to the 2008 Lady Gaga (referring to her album The Fame). Either way, this theme is a real gem!

You should also know

According to the Cambridge Dictionary ‘Fun’ can be defined as ‘fun’; other valid definitions are ‘pleasure, enjoyment or entertainment’

For its part, ‘tonight’ is an adverb of time and means ‘tonight’.


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