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1000 Doves

Definition of 1000 Doves

Some terms have variants in their meanings that, of course, you need to know. Today we analyze “1000 Doves” a composition of words sounded quite by these days and whose meaning will surely change the way you see things, you know what we mean? Find out now!

1000 Doves, thus titled the versatile theme song of the American singer Lady Gaga, released in May 2020 and belonging to her most recent studio album “Chromatica”. In its Spanishtranslation means 1000 pigeons Wait, there is more!

1000 Doves by Lady Gaga

It is a dance-pop song inspired byelectronicmusic, which has been the hallmark of the album “Chromatica”.

The productionlasts three minutes with thirty-sixseconds and was featured on the social network YouTube, under the stamp of Interscope Records.

Loaded with a rather emotional letter in which it makes the comparison of a caged person what, to be released will fly like a thousand pigeons.

Considering the flight speed on this type of bird, it means that it will do so very strongly. Inspiring! Don’t you think so?

Composition and translation of 1000 Doves

“1000 Doves” is an expression composed of the quantity“1000” and a common plural noun “Doves”. 

The quantity “1000″ that makes up the expression refers to the given number of subjects. 

While “Doves” alone, it is an Anglo-Saxon term meaning pigeons and refers to the bird itself.

You knew what…

By flapping their wings, the pigeons can fly faster than any other bird, reaching 56 km.


This new musical composition by Lady Gaga contains very good rhythm and relives the 80s with its disco and electro-pop style. Take it on and fly like a thousand pigeons!