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Plastic Doll

Definition of Plastic Doll

There are songs in English that you listen to daily; on the radio, in the car, on your cell phone, even hums them without really knowing what their content or meaning is, has this happened to you? Today we will be telling you clearly the meaning of the theme song Plastic Doll.

Plastic is Plastic and Doll is Doll. In this regard, we can give it the connotation of “Plastic doll“. In the 80’s there were two popular songs titled “Plastic Doll”, Angie Bee was the pioneer in 1980, her song was a success in Latin America. In 1982 it was Dharma, who swept up the American nightclubs. Now Lady Gaga does it by releasing her album “Chromatica” and Plastic Doll is song number 9.

Plastic Doll Concept

As is well known to her followers, Lady Gaga often gives direct messages, without metaphors or analogies. This song is no exception, its context is deep and it focuses on criticizing the music industry.

It refers to the fact that pop culture is objective to artists by attributing labels and grouping them into categories. This causes society to expect them to act like the prototypes they have created, stealing their history and pretending to rewrite it.

She considers herself a plastic doll that some people think they own. “Don’t play with me, it just hurts me, I’m boucing off the walls” “Don’t play with me, it just hurts, I’m coming off the walls.” The message is strong and reflective but the melody is danceable.

Making of Plastic Doll

The renowned music producer Skrillex, was together with Gaga, co-author of the song, but he was never in contact with her in the creative process, in fact, he doesn’t even know her personally. However, this was not a problem.

Did you know…

The interpreter of the first Plastic Doll Angie Bee, is really called Monica Zanchi, and is a former Swiss-born adult film actress. Her song is a tribute to inflatable dolls.

New knowledge acquired!

Now that you know the meaning and a little more about Plastic Doll, we can say without fear and with great pride Mission accomplished! We are ready for the next word.