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Definition of B-learning

The term B-learning is a compound word that is directly linked to the world of modern teaching and technology. Next we will show you what is the meaning of B-learning and what is its origin.

The origin of B-Learning comes from the English language and is constructed with the union of the words Blended summarized in the letter B and Learning.

If we translate Blended learning into Spanish, its definition would be “Mixed or Mixed Learning”, but in this language it is usually named differently.

In this way, in Spanish-speaking countries the meaning of B-Learning in Spanish is “Semipresencial Learning”.

Starting from its origins when translating the word Blended, it is obtained that its meaning is “Mixture of two or more compounds”.

Knowing this, B-Learning raises an education based on two compounds, (Face-to-face and Virtual).

Generally this type of education is usually divided into face-to-face classes and virtual assignments that the student can complete at a distance.

This educational method was born at the end of the 90s, as a proposal for people with certain time difficulties to carry out their studies.

All this was boosted thanks to the facilities granted by the implementation of the internet for educational tasks.

Thanks to the network, the instructors had the possibility of assigning homework, work and other activities to the student without having to attend a classroom.