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Definition of Chapa

In urban music slang it refers to the buttocks or buttocks.

But generally it refers to a sheet of a hard material, especially wood or metal and also to a metal cap, usually serrated, that hermetically closes glass bottles.






Metal cap


The word Chapa refers to a thin sheet of metal used and intended for use in mechanical constructions, such as car bodies and truck tanks. The sheets are built in different thicknesses, generally from 1 to 12 millimeters, depending on their use and also on the type of manufacturing process.

However, when we speak colloquially, you can often hear in the Dominican streets that a man tells a woman that she has nice plates, because this term is often used by Dominicans to imply that the woman has good buttocks or buttocks.

It should also be clarified the meaning of the word “chapa”, has permeated the reggaeton jargon, and has very little to do with a piece of metal, but belongs to the dialect of the urban genre.

So the simple fact that there are “vibrating” chapas refers us to the dance that accompanies all these rhythms and songs the famous perreo, although specifically, and in this case, more to the twerk, as attested by the audiovisual media through which they are represented in certain videos of these exponents of the genre.


In Brazil it has two meanings, it can refer to false teeth in the northeast and to friend or comrade in the southeast.

In Venezuela this word is widely used to designate the cap of a bottle which can be removed with a bottle opener, but it is also used as a synonym for a policeman’s badge.