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Definition of Avatar

The word avatar has two meanings and each one will be referred to according to the intention in which it is used. In the first instance, avatar is an event, vicissitude, opposite development of something that was on the right track, for example: “the avatars of war”.

In the second instance, avatar means a virtual identity, a character that exists in the virtual world and represents you in that world whether in a video game or on the web.


  1. Change
  2. Vicissitude
  3. Phase
  4. Internet user image
  5. Internet user character
  6. Emoji with action


This word comes from the French avatar and this from the Sanskrit अवतार (ava-tāra) (“descent of a deity from heaven”), a word denoting a god who had incarnated or manifested in man.

By this word is designated each of the incarnations of Vichnú (10) according to Brahmanism.

This word is composed of the preposition avah (below) and the element tarah (transit), the latter comes from the Indo-European root nasal vowel meaning to cross or pass through, which is what the preposition and prefix trans means in Latin, so that all those prefixed in trans or tras such as transport, transeunte, transmitter, transfer and others, carry the same original element.


It should be noted that in computer science the term avatar is used to describe the model (three-dimensional caricature) that represents a person in the virtual world. There are, by the way, several video games where avatars can be created and interact in this way with other players.

The term has also become popular due to the two movies by director James Cameron, which have this name, which he has taken to the big screen and which have broken box office records due to the plot and special effects.