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Definition of Sneak

The word “Sneak” is an English term that translates into Spanish as “furtivo (a)” . In turn, stealth (according to the RAE), is the action of doing something secretly or secretly. It is an adjective that is used to indicate the hunters, and even those who carry out the action of stealing.

According to the Cambridge dictionary , the word Sneak means “to go somewhere secretly”, or in the same way, to move someone or something in a hidden way.

Sneak App TikTok

This term is not only related to mysterious actions, since there is also a mobile application identified as SneakApp that apparently works to increase followers on the TikTok social network.

It is a tool that provides an approximate of 5000 followers , being a boost for those who pursue the fame of social networks.

Sneak Generations

Another topic related to this issue is the brand of energy products and accessories ” Sneak Generations”. It is a powerful British company that offers a lot of products and energy supplements along with different accessories such as colers , stickers (labels), flannels, sweaters , among others.

Additionally, this brand has created sneak codes on its products that can be exchanged for different prizes.

Matches with the word

  • Under the same name, an American rapper is known who has among his hits the music video entitled “Pullover” .
  • Dj Sneak (Carlos Sosa), is an American record producer from Puerto Rico. It is one of the most recognized producers in the city of Chicago in the 90’s.