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Definition of Asirá

The word asirá is a conjugation of the verb asir, which refers to holding, grabbing, carrying, taking; in general, holding something in one’s hand or holding something with care or strength.

Asirá is a verb written in the third person singular, future tense, with an important connotation regarding what is being held or grabbed.


  1. • Grab
  2. • Hold
  3. • Take hold of
  4. • Take
  5. • Carry
  6. • Support
  7. • Hold onto
  8. • Clasp
  9. • Seize


The etymology or origin of the word asirá is completely unknown, some scholars consider that its origin comes from the French word saisir which in its original voice means to grab or hold.

However, other scholars consider that the word asirá comes from the name Asira or Syria, which is a country in the Middle East. Despite this, they have not yet found a correlation with the meaning of the verb.

The word asirá appears in the Bible many times and the connotation given to it is that you hold onto something or someone tightly with your hands. Cling could also be one of the synonyms used to describe this word.


Asirá, the word we are describing, has an accent mark on the last vowel “a” because it is the conjugation of a future tense verb. However, Asira, without an accent mark, is also a girl’s name that refers to an ancient goddess.

Its meaning is nobility, royalty, and in the last two years, many girls have carried that name.

Asira, in its astrological sense, speaks of a name that grants power and authority; generally, they are beautiful girls who tend to have a strong personality, being leaders wherever they are: school, special activity, and other things.