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Definition of UME

UME is an acronym used in Spain. It is used to designate the “Military Emergency Unit” of the European country that has been organized since 2005.

The use of the EMU is exclusively for high-risk situations, at times of catastrophes, when there is a public calamity or at other similar times. In the aforementioned cases, the UME provides support to the different national authorities to solve the situations in the shortest possible time.

Other Ume Uses

The word Ume also designates a river that runs through Europe. This body of water is born in the mediations of Sweden and Norway, it is one of the four important rivers found in the north of Sweden.

In the Basque language, ume, means child. Basque is used in the European Pyrenees, mainly in Spain and France. However, it is possible that it is related to the name of the Swedish river, which rises in the same vicinity.

In medicine UME is an acronym that refers to the “skeletal muscle unit”, that is, it can be used as a synonym for the locomotor system. The use of this abbreviation is not widespread and is limited to some South American countries.

UME is also the symbol that receives the Yoo-mi cryptocurrency. This virtual currency is traded on platforms such as Ethereum, but its use is not that wide.