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Definition of Talareña

The word “talareña” refers to a person who is born or raised in Talara, a city in the province of Pariñas, Peru.

It is a city rich in oil, beautiful beaches, and many other things that Talareños really know how to enjoy.

“Talareña” is a feminine noun, and it can also be used in the masculine form by replacing the “a” with the vowel “o”.


  1. • Native of Talara
  2. • From Talara
  3. • Born in Talara
  4. • Person raised in Talara
  5. • Talareño (masculine form)

ORIGIN OF Talareña

The word “talareña” has its origin in the word Talara, one of the cities in Peru, specifically located in the province of Pariñas. Talara has its origins from more than 100 years ago when this land still belonged to the Spanish crown.

It was mainly known for Máncora since it was connected to another land thanks to its lakes.

Talara was not recognized at the time because nobody paid attention to it, but later it was discovered that this province had many riches, including its wonderful beaches, a spectacular climate that drives everyone crazy, and very friendly people: the Talareños and Talareñas.


In Talara, the first cultural cycle of China was celebrated, where many renowned artists attended. The Talareños watched movies, danced, and had a good time.

If something can be highlighted from this cultural encounter, it is that the mayor of Talara and a political representative from China attended, who affirmed that China and Talara have a lot in common, for example, Chinese rice was mixed with Talara’s and the dish “chifá” was obtained.

In addition to that, it was also mentioned that in Talara and China, love is felt in the same way.