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Definition of Trolear

Trolear is a transitive verb widely used in social networks for being a very popular activity among its users. Stay at so you know more about I end up trolear.

This term has its origin linked to the ancient Norse Troll this was a character that belonged to Norse mythology and was characterized by giant monsters similar to ogres, but if it is true that they could be interpreted in various ways even being compared to English fairies .

Today, more than being a term used by people who like to annoy and cause a stir on topics on social networks, it has taken on another meaning among the public.

In Latin American countries the term trolear is frequently used as a synonym for mockery. For example, when you make a bad joke to someone, it is very common for them to say << They trolled you >> pointing out that they fell into the trap.

A very important concept that he receives in Argentina is that trolear is a type of fishing that is commonly done on a moving spear while having fishing rods with lure hooks.