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Definition of Adeto

Adeto is a curious expression that appeared on a song with the same name at the end of 2019. If you listened to it and were left with doubts, don’t worry because will help you understand the meaning of Adeto in the Dominican Republic.

Adeto, is a word that appears for the first time as the title of one of the songs of the Dominican singer Rochy-RD with Pablo Piddy, Chimbala and Chuky de Lewa. Next we will explain what it means.

Adeto or “A de to” as is normally pronounced, is how the words “do everything” sound when colloquially spoken by a Dominican.

In the title Adeto, the expression “Adeto que te sale” is used to say “Do everything while you still can”, alluding to the fact that in the future you will not have what you now have.

Here are some practical examples of how to use the word Adeto.

  • Adeto para alcanzarme – Do everything you can to reach me.
  • Tu adeto que te sale – Do everything you can still.
  • A de to para conseguirlo – Strive hard to get it.

Now you know what Adeto meaning in spanish