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Definition of Abortar

Abort is the intransitive verb of “abortion” meaning the voluntary or involuntary termination of pregnancy before it is possible for the fetus to live outside the mother’s womb.

It is an interruption of a process or action before it is completed or finalized.


To interrupt


To lose

To miscarry



The term abort is the verb of the word “abortion” which comes etymologically from the Latin “abortus”, participle of the verb “aborior”. It is composed of ab “de” which means separation and orior which indicates “to come out, to rise, to be born” and is defined as the termination of pregnancy before a baby is in optimal conditions to leave the womb.

According to doctors, it is the loss of maturation of a fetus that is less than half a kilo or up to the 22nd week. If it is another week later or another weight but totally incompatible with life, this would also be considered an abortion.

Abortion can occur both spontaneously and induced but in any case, the abortion ends with the expulsion through the vaginal canal.


There are different kinds of abortion or termination of pregnancy. There is the spontaneous abortion, which is the one that does not occur intentionally, but because of complications in the fetus or in the mother. And it usually happens during the first 12 weeks of gestation without requiring any kind of surgical intervention.

There is also fetal death, although these are extraordinary cases, since they only occur in less than 1% of pregnancies and their first symptoms are the detection of a minor movement of the baby, as well as spasms.