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Alcance del Trabajo

Definition of Alcance del Trabajo

Both in human resources and in the world of work, the meaning of Alcance del Trabajo is very necessary, so in we will detail the meaning of Alcance del Trabajo.

The Alcance del Trabajo describes all the work to be done on a project, who is responsible for completing the work, how the work should be done (techniques used), and what materials will be used. This is also called a “statement of work” or a SOW, which consists of:

Identify the responsibilities of the contractor.

Define the objectives of the contract and the project requirements.

Provide enough detail to estimate labor costs.

Includes a contracting method and payment schedule.

It describes standards, regulations, and special contract requirements.

Explains all the related tasks, duties and limitations required to obtain the expected results according to the project goal

Organizations that hire contingent workers should use the Alcance del Trabajo as part of their acquisition process. A SOW is a formal document that provides instructions to the supplier or contractor on how the work should be performed.

In it, you define the specific services that the contractor is expected to perform by detailing work activities and  deliverables. You detail the quality and level of service you expect and describe a  time schedule. Standard pricing and governance and regulatory terms and conditions are also often included. In some cases, you must describe the exact job requirements.

Drafting of the Alcance del Trabajo

The document in which we declare the Alcance del Trabajo must be clear enough to allow a single interpretation. Clear wording is key to minimizing the risk of claims, litigation, and other related issues. A SOW must avoid ambiguous expressions and must identify the deliverables of the project and its objectives.

If an action is mandatory, the statement of work must use the words  must  or  need. In most cases, an SOW does not include the cost of the products or services that a contractor must contract.

A statement of work can also include drawings, photographs, and other visual elements to provide clarity and avoid confusion. Images are highly recommended if any of the words in a SOW may be open to more than one interpretation or possible misunderstanding.

Basic components of a statement of work (SOW)

The Alcance del Trabajo assignment must have the following components:

  • Description  General project: a brief statement describing the needs of the business and a brief summary description of the project
  • Project deliverables –  expected goals and objectives to be achieved through the project, including information that will help the contractor understand the project requirements
  • Scope of the project:  budget and technical data: the quantifiable objectives established in the construction contract; It can be divided into two parts:
    a. Technical considerations: specific techniques or methodologies relevant to the contractor’s performance and how it will be measured
    b. Tasks: Specific requests and tasks that are needed to meet the project objectives, with milestones and detailed results to be obtained from these tasks
  • Project Schedule –  summarizes the project schedule, including all related tasks so that the contractor can deliver it on time; It should contain all the important delivery dates, time constraints and the expected duration of the project. Project
    Management:  Describes the main functions of project administration, including how payments will be issued, change processes and control of changes, the specific legal terms and requirements of the contract, the phase or phases of the project, the limitations of the project, time management and general administration of the contract.

You already know what Alcance del Trabajo means