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Definition of Aprendido

Aprendido (learned in English) is a past participle adjective of the verb aprender, “to learn”, referring to the acquisition of knowledge and experience by studying something.

It is very similar to aprehendido, which in its old usage alludes to one who is imprisoned or a person who is confined in a prison or penitentiary.








ORIGIN OF Aprendido

This word has its Latin origin under the denomination “apprensus” that is composed of the prefix “ap” that means “to” and “prensus” that means “prisoner”, from there perhaps arises that certain confusion of the word “learned” with “apprehended” because they are very similar but have great differences of meaning, and very important.

To apprehend means “to take, or to grasp” or “to grasp by means of the senses” and both words, “learn” and “apprehend” come from the same Latin word “aprehendere”.

With the passing of time it lost the intermediate “h” to come to mean what is currently understood, that is, the action of gathering knowledge in concrete for the recognition of an aspect within our intellectual reality.

However, the word “apprehend” was kept as a latinism, without losing that “h” and, as such, it refers to the fact of capturing something or someone. For example, when it is said that the policemen have “apprehended” the delinquent who was stalking the citizens.


Aprendido and aprehendido are spelled differently and denote a different class of circumstances, but many teachers add the verb with an “h” to refer to that knowledge that is gained in a meaningful, lasting way. A learning that has been fixed in our mind forever.

It can also be used with the “h” by writers and poets who may use the word in different contexts to give more intensity to their writings.