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Definition of 14643

The number 14643 is an expression commonly used in social networks such as TikTok to denote the expression “I will always love you” where “I” is a single letter so it is expressed with 1, Will has 4 letters and so on the number is formed.

It is used, more than anything, to encrypt messages so that only the receiver understands or to write less and make the publication faster.


  1. I will always love you
  2. I will love you forever
  3. In digits it would be 2537
  4. I love you
  5. I love you
  6. I love you forever
  7. 5201314


The numerological sequence of 14643 has its origin in the users of social networks, especially those who frequent TikTok.

It is believed that the origin as such lies from text messages, where each key had a number-letter correspondence that made users associate numbers with specific letters. For example, the number one had a and b, in some devices it had more than three letters.

Thus, little by little, digital users began to encrypt their messages when publishing them, and with the rise of social networks, they managed again to make written messages using numerical digits.


In TikTok, there are more than a thousand videos related to the number 14643, in fact, if you enter these digits in this social network, you can find many influencers who use this expression to do thousands of activities.

The most common is to put the digit with a song that denotes love and in this way, the followers of whoever does it will understand the message, usually, this short video is directed to a specific person.