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Definition of 1437

The number 1437 in its meaning corresponds to the phrase “I love you forever” because it is related to the number of words that have the letters that make it up in English: I is 1, love is 4, you is 3 and forever is 7.


I love you forever


In the social network TikTok a variety of users have started using various abbreviations and codes to refer to all kinds of things and even people.

The code “1437″ has become a trend among its users, those who are in a relationship or even those who have had a love disappointment.

These codes are usually included in hashtags or within the dialogues in videos, always depending on the meaning you want to give it.

So 1437 would be used to be dedicated between couples or friends as an expression of affection. Although the meaning could seem a bit confusing with these numbers, this code makes more sense with the English phrase “I Love You Forever”, which in Spanish would be “te amo para siempre” (I love you forever).

According to the users of the TikTok network, each number of 1437 corresponds to the number of letters of each word in the sentence, that is to say:
1 = I
4 = Love
3 = You
7 = Forever

This code of 1437 derives in turn from “143″ which means “I Love You”, or “te amo” in Spanish, however, many of these codes can vary in meaning depending on the country where they are used.


The numbers “520″ in China, would mean the same as “143”, this because the numbers in their code are pronounced very similar to “wo ai ni”, and also means ‘I love you’.