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Definition of Goat

English word that translates into Spanish as “cabra”. In other words, it is a medium-sized ruminant mammal with great ability to climb mountains.


In English this term can be interpreted as “male goat“. In this sense it is a polysemic word that designates a mythological being as a primary sense.

By extension, it is used to refer to a man with a great sexual appetite in a negative sense, that is, as a synonym for lewd, libertine and the like.


It is short for Greatest of all time and is used mostly in sports to describe an athlete as the best in his competition. For example: LeBron James is GOAT in basketball.


  1. Chiva
  2. Goat
  3. Chota


  1. Goat
  2. Lewd
  3. Libertine


Goat is an English word that mainly designates a goat, that is, the mammal that is characterized by living in rocky mountains. However, the polysemy of the term also makes the meaning apply to “male goat” from the mythological sense and sexual pervert.

other origins

In capital letters GOAT is the abbreviation of Greatest of all time which in Spanish translates as “The best in history or the best of all time”. This term has been used to refer to an athlete as the number one or the best in their discipline, it was the first American sports journalists to use it. 


The correct way to write the term GOAT to refer to the best of all time is in capital letters, otherwise it only refers to Goat as the goat (animal).

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and LeBron James are the athletes who dominate social networks, this causes their millions of followers to constantly express phrases such as “Messi is GOAT”, “Ronaldo is GOAT” and “LeBron is GOAT”.