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Definition of Yakear

In the urban language of reggaeton, it is used to refer to what comes after perreo, going to bed.


  1. To have sexual relations; to get intimate


Also known as ‘perreo’, reggaeton is a rhythm that has not only made everyone dance, but also many people sing, and very intensely, although often not very well understood, its particular lyrics.

And this musical style has always been viewed with suspicion, as it is capable of leaving more than one jaw-dropped by their sexual innuendo and is the case of this word Yakear. Which refers to a denomination for what comes after “perrear-bailar”, that is to say, to have sex.

The same marginal vocation of this genre, the initial disdain that this phenomenon suffered, from the media, through the official institutions, to the ignorance of most academic sources on the American lexicon, has not allowed this urban culture of reggaeton to use other types of works for the understanding of their expressions and lyrics.

Because although today it is an international phenomenon, the birth of reggaeton took place in Puerto Rico, an island with a lexicon full of North American terms mixed with the rich Spanish language.


In a song by urban artist Nicky Jam titled “Lo que te gusta” we can hear: “Si tu quieres ir a yakear. Mami yo te busco a tu casa”.

Daddy Yankee, in his song “Dímelo” sings the following: “Te haré sudar, perrear, yakear hasta que amanezca”.