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Definition of Yacen

It is said of one or more people who are lying in a place. For example: Maria and Pedro yacen on their bed under candlelight.

In the case of a corpse, it is said when it is found in its grave or grave. Verbigracia: In this vault my father yace.


It is expressed to indicate that a person or object is in a specific place, in this sense it exists or is figuratively there. An example would be: Here yacen the purest beings of nature.

In a formal way, it refers directly to the sexual act between two people. For example: Juana and Marcos yacen together since before their marriage, that is why she gave birth 6 months after their wedding.


  1. Rest


  1. Concubitus
  2. Copulation
  3. city ​​Hall


Yacen comes from the regular verb “yacer” which means “to be lying down or lying down”. In this sense, it originates from the Latin iacens which has the same meaning. For its part, this word is a verb form that is applied in the third person plural to indicate the same action.

In formal language this word in its various conjugations refers to the sexual act. Normally, it can be found used in ancient texts, because at present it is not used in that sense in a very broad way.


It is known as Yace or Yache an idomoid language native to southeastern central Nigeria, exactly from Cross River State. The idomoid language is spoken by approximately one million people.