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Definition of Tarja

In the world there is endless unknown words and others that we have sometimes heard, but we continue not to know their connotation. That’s why our library comes up, to make you know every meaning of familiar words or not. We present the word Tarja, do you want to know what it is? here you will understand its definition.

According to the SAR, Tarja is a “tablite or sheet metal that serves as a password”. It also defines it as “cut or slit that is made as a signal”. It comes from the French language under the name “targe”, which means “rodela” But this is not all!, there is a lot of data to be discovered. Stay!

Tarja Concepts and Definitions

This word was used to refer to a circular defense shield, which served to cover the entire body of the combatant.

It was used in Spain by King Philip II to refer to a fleece coin that had five copper and one silver parts. It was equivalent to a real silver quartz.

In Europe, especially in Spain, in the Middle Ages until the sixteenth century, “Tarja” was a rectangular or triangular stick or cane of about 30 to 40 centimeters in which notches (marks) were made to keep the record of buying to legit of product, especially for bread.

This used to be used mostly by people who couldn’t write to keep their accounts. Interesting isn’t it?

It is a two-syllable word, noun/female and conjugation of the verb “tarjar” (to cross out or mark an annotation), which speaks of the third person of the singular (he, her, you) of the present indicative.

Geographical Connotations of the Tarja Word

Tarja” currently has different connotations, depending on the place and context where it is used.

For example, in Mexico a concave factory part of different shapes and sizes is known as Tarja that is used to build sinks, either for medical or laboratory equipment.

It also applies in reference to an object used to rinse mops or wash clothes.

Meanwhile in countries such as Costa Rica, Honduras and Chile, Tarja is a business card.


  • This term is used as a name, is a Finnish variant of Daily, of Greek origin and means “owner of goodness“.
  • Tarja Halonen: Finnish lawyer and political president of her country from 2000 to 2012.
  • Tarja Turunen: Finnish soprano, recognized worldwide for her participation in the symphonic metal group Nightwish.
  • It is also credited with the name Tarja, the supercomputer of the computer support service to research at the University of the Laguna de Canarias.
  • Between 1995 and 1960, an Argentine cultural magazine, published in the savior of Jujuy was called Tarja.

New Acquired Knowledge!

There are certainly words that have a broad meaning and that we do not dare to use for fear of feeling bad in front of other people.

That’s why we are increasingly happy to clarify your doubts, so that you can expand your lexicon and express yourself with certain condition, you already know the meaning of Tarja!