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Definition of Wne

WNE is an acronym in English as well as an abbreviation in Spanish that can have multiple meanings. Next we will tell you the meaning of wne , in the different contexts in which it is being used.

WNE in Medicine

The initials of this acronym coincide with “West Nile Encephalitis”, an infection caused by the “West Nile virus” through mosquitoes and birds.

os infected patients may experience headaches, mild fever, symptoms of encephalitis and aseptic meningitis. However, most people are asymptomatic, and a fatal neurological case rarely develops.

It is very common in the Middle East, Asia and Africa . It is the most likely cause of aseptic meningitis or encephalitis in Cairo’s emergency departments.

WNE also coincides with “Whole Nymphal Extract” , a method of immunizing genetically crossed cattle against parasites such as larvae, nymphs or ticks. A study demonstrated its efficiency in comparison to other immunization methods.

WNE in Education

This term, as an acronym, also matches “Western New England University.” This is a private university in Springfield, Massachusetts, in the United States. He has careers in the arts, science, business, engineering, law, pharmacy and health.

Wne as a popular expression in Spanish

Although WNE is mostly used in expressions in English as an acronym, its use, although limited, has been seen in certain groups of Spanish-speaking networks, as an abbreviation.

In that sense, it was found that this word is also a word used as an insult. It is presumed that it is an abbreviation of “jerk” in its colloquial and plural use, which would be “webones”.

For example, in networks, specifically on Twitter, the phrase was found: “They are getting wne’s, things are wrong.” Getting “wne’s” (webones) would mean getting annoying or annoying in this context.

It should be noted that this would not be the only meaning of the word “webón” as it has multiple meanings, both positive and negative in Latin America.

If you want to see synonyms for this word, do not hesitate to click here .